McMullen & Associates, IncORPORATED

(Land Surveying and Soil Testing)

​McMullen & Associates, Inc was created from a family tradition. The McMullens have lived in northern Wisconsin for many years, and surveying and soil testing has been an important part of the family. In the 1940's and 50's, David C. McMullen was a surveyor in Price County and held the office of Price County surveyor. David F. McMullen (the son of David C.) started surveying in the Minocqua area in the early 1970's. He then started his own business in 1980 (David McMullen & Associates). He built the business in rough economic times to one of the most recognized surveying firms in the area. Benton A. McMullen (the son of David F.) started working at David McMullen & Associates in 1996. The name of the company was then changed to McMullen & Associates, Incorporated. Benton became an officer and part owner of the business and helped modernize and build the company into one of the most successful in the area. Benton is now the sole owner and president of this well establish business.